ASK DR NOVOA – I watch MANSWERS on Spike TV. Is it possible to figure out if a woman has implants by the way they float in water? I mean while in a pool or while swimming?

I saw this program too. I guess I just don’t have anything to do in my free time but watch TV. lol.

Ok, first of all, there are a lot of variables to answer this question. First, it is best to figure out the answer if the person doesn’t have a bikini top on.

Second, it depends on how much natural tissue and density of the natural tissue. Third, it depends on the position of the implant. Fourth, it depends on the size of the implant. And fifth, it depends on the type of implant.

Without a bikini top on, in order to allow the breasts to float freely, natural breast tissue will float. Neither saline or silicone will float since the density of saline and silicone are greater or higher than natural fatty breast tissue.

It also depends on how much natural breast tissue there is, because the more natural breast tissue, the higher the tissue will present, with or without the presence of an implant.

The position of the implant is important. If placed under the muscle, the implant will be bogged down and the natural breast tissue will float and it is possible that you may be able to see a slight separation or outline of the implant from the natural floating breast tissue.

The size of the implant is important. Very large implants weigh more and if you have very little natural breast tissue, the outline of the implant (roundness) may be more obvious in water.

The type of implant is important. By comparable size, silicone weighs less than saline. Cohesive or Gummy Bear implants weigh more than silicone.

SOOO, yes, it is possible, although not necessarily easy to figure out if a woman has implants while in a swimming pool. Natural breast tissue will float, saline and silicone will not.

But, guys, please be careful. Because if you are caught staring too long, someone may end up slapping you silly and you may end up being drowned and floating in the pool 🙂

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