ASK DR NOVOA – I was thinking about having Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery. What exactly is a “normal size” down there?

The determination of “normal” is very broad. However, I usually make a recommendation based on the number of fingers that can be inserted into the vagina without producing pain. If the average man has a penis girth (circumference, thickness, etc…) of 5 inches, then the diameter is approximately 1.59 inches or 2 fingers wide. Most patients needing Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery (VRS) can accommodate 4 fingers across or 3 inches in diameter without producing pain. As a comparison, a can of Coke is only 2 inches in diameter. Therefore, both the male and female partner can notice a significant level of relaxation making it difficult or impossible to reach orgasm. VRS can reduce the size of the vaginal opening to 1.50 inches. A more complex surgery, called Virginal Size Restoration Surgery (VSRS) can reduce the vaginal opening to 0.5 inches or slightly wider than a Sharpie Marker. When combined with Kegel exercises, a woman is able to significantly increase the level of compression or “squeezing” during intercourse, thus increasing the level of sensitivity. FYI, VRS and VSRS do not change the length of the vagina. This why there was no mention of length in my commentary. However, we have found that girth appears to be more important to most women rather than length, but that’s for another subject because penis enlargement cosmetic surgery has become very very popular.

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