ASK DR NOVOA – Is it possible to have an orgasm by doing exercises?


This phenomena is called CORERGASM, or Exercise Induced Orgasm (EIO) and is the ability to have an orgasm by doing core muscle exercises, including abdominal workouts, biking and spinning, lifting weights and climbing poles or ropes. It has been described in the literature as far back as the 1950’s in the famous Kinsey Report of 1953 and does not appear to be a rare event. This is interesting in that EIO is not sexual in nature and in fact women can often feel self-conscience about this level of stimulation in a public place.

The actual mechanism of affect appears to be, at least in the case of climbing poles or ropes, direct rhythmic pressure against the clitoris. The amount of stimulation needed to reach orgasm requires multiple sets or extended pressure, and not an automatic response.

Although research indicates that exercise can lead to orgasm without the help of sexual fantasies, it doesn’t tell us whether or not exercise can actually improve women’s sex lives. It can, however, allow a woman an opportunity to better understand her own natural feelings and experiences of orgasm.
Soooo, I don’t know quite how to end this one, except to say, see you at the Gym.

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