ASK DR NOVOA – I have heard that a woman can start crying or may even faint right after achieving an orgasm. I have never seen it happen. Is this possible?


Crying is very common with orgasm.

Fainting is not very common and in some circles very rare requiring a very high degree of arousal. This is why the French call Orgasm, “La Petite Morte” which means “the little death”. It is a reference to the refractory period following orgasm. The term has generally been interpreted to describe the post-orgasmic fainting spells or unconsciousness some lovers experience following orgasm.

Crying or fainting can usually be achieved by either vaginal or oral sex and is most commonly associated with male to female stimulation [Men Don’t Cry 🙂 ].

Fainting can be seen after one orgasm, but is more common when a combination of oral and vaginal penetration is maintained with stimulation continuing from one orgasm to another producing a “stair-step” level of stimulation until an orgasmic plateau is achieved lasting from a few seconds to up to 30 seconds. The techniques to achieve this are varied but are reproducible from one partner to the next.

So guys, this may be the only time that seeing a girl crying may be good. If she starts laughing, better go back to the drawing board. 🙂

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