ASK DR NOVOA – I have heard that there is a type of breast implant that will make your breast continue to grow and can make your breasts grow up to size of watermelons. Is this true?

Unbelieveably, this is actually true. This type of implant was briefly available in the US but was pulled off the market in 2001. The implants are called polypropylene string implants (PSI). The polypropylene IS NOT CIRCULAR, rather it is yarn-like. Once placed in the breast pocket it causes irritation to the implant pocket which causes the production of serum which fills the implant pocket on a continual basis. This causes continuous expansion of the breast after surgery. The fluid must be removed on a continuous basis to keep the breasts from continuing to increase in size. Continual breast growth will eventually result in “extreme, almost cartoonish breast sizes.”

This type of implant is most commonly used by exotic dancers, such as, Chelsea Charms. Attached is a link on Youtube to see what this type of string implant can do to the breast to eventually make them grow to an incredibly large size.

This is more for FYI since PSI is no longer available in either the US or Europe.

Also, there is no other type of implant currently available that results in the continuous increase in breast size once they have been placed.

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