ASK DR NOVOA – I heard that there is a procedure that can stop me from having periods and can be done in the office. Is this true?


The procedure is called an endometrial ablation. The most common device used is called Novasure.

The procedure involves the placement of a small device in your uterus which produces an electrical charge and cauterizes (burns) the thin layer of tissue which procedures the menstrual flow each month.

The procedure takes approximately 2 minutes to do and is only done once. It can be done in the office. Down time is minimal and complications are rare.

It completely eliminates menstrual bleeding in approximately 80% of patients; significantly reduces menstrual bleeding in 10% of patients and has a failure (no changes in menstrual bleeding) in 10% of patients.

The procedure is not meant for women wishing to have children in the future. Although it can stop you from having your period forever, it is not considered to be a form of birth control and therefore, you should consider to have your tubes before, during or after having this procedure done.

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