ASK DR NOVOA – I was recently pregnant but lost the baby. I didn’t believe my doctor so I repeated my pregnancy test about a week after the loss. The test says I am pregnant. Does this mean I am pregnant again?

No. I doubt that you are pregnant.

Both urine and blood pregnancy tests are extremely sensitive and can accurately determine if you are pregnant just a few days before your missed period.

The lowest level of HCG, which is the hormone of pregnancy that can be determined by home pregnancy tests is 20mIU/ml.

However, once pregnant, your level of HCG will double every 2-3 days. So after a few weeks, your HCG level can literally be greater than 10,000mIU/ml.

If there is a loss of a pregnancy, such as a miscarriage, HCG will no longer be produced, but you will continue to test positive on a pregnancy tests from 1-3 weeks depending on how high the HCG level reached.

Eventually HCG will no longer detectable since your body eliminates it just like any other hormone, but until this happens, you may not have a period or ovulate, so you need to realize that getting pregnant again may take a few months.

Therefore, it is best not to test for pregnancy after a miscarriage for at least a month after the loss in order to confuse you about being pregnant again.

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