Don’t Have An Elective Cesarean Section

FINALLY!!!!!!  In the April 2013 ACOG Committee Meeting Bulletin, The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG), which represents over 30,000 Obstetricians and is the largest OB/GYN society in the United States has stated that elective or maternally requested Cesarean Section should no longer be recommended over the vaginal delivery due to the significantly higher risks of complications associated with the Cesarean Section.

Although most women believe the C/S to be safe, it has been not been shown to be safer than the vaginal delivery and in fact has been shown to increase the risks of complications to both mother and baby.

Hopefully, we as Obstetricians will do a better job and do right by our patients and help put a stop to the over 500,000 unnecessary C/S performed each year in the United States.

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