Sexual Medicine

Dr. Novoa is a member of the The International Society for Sexual Medicine (ISSM) and The Sexual Medicine Society of North America (SMS).

As both an OB/GYN and Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Novoa is uniquely qualified in assisting patients with sexual issues.

Dr. Novoa also offers counseling services for couples especially with those diagnosed with sexual dysfunction disorders and problems associated with orgasm.

Sexual Medicine is the medical specialty that deals with the sexual health of both men and women .   It involves the diagnosing, assessment and treatment of all aspects of sexuality.

Sexual Medicine has four general aspects:
• The promotional aspect, which involves increasing awareness of a how to achieve a healthy and fulfilling sex life
• The preventive aspect, which involves sexual counseling
• The curative aspect, which involves the clinical treatment of sexual disorders
• The rehabilitative aspect, which involves assisting patients regain sexual health

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